Bought a Game Boy Advanced.. nice little toy.. I guess you just get used to the glare problem, but I can understand the price + battery life considerations for not putting a back lit LCD screen.. so far I got:

Golden Sun: really looks like a great RPG so far, excellent graphics for such a tiny space.. Havent logged enough hours in it yet to really comment

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons: I’m not a Zelda fanboy, but always appreciated the games.. This reminds me of a mix between the original NES game and the SNES version. The graphics are simple (GBC) but effective.. the inventory management bugs me a bit – you just need to go to the menu too often just to switch items, sometimes a couple of times on the same screen.. but it aint that bad

Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon: Quite excellent so far, with about 5 hours clocked in. You can’t help but be reminded of SOTN, but its totally adapted for the GBA. Controls are tight, and I love the new powers you get after each boss. Double jumps, jumping off walls, quite cool. Can’t wait to see the rest.