[Demo] Dungeon Siege (PC) First impressions were really good.. Nice graphics, fluid, lots of colors, easy to learn controls. But after a couple of hours hiking thru the forest and the first real dungeon, there’s definitely something missing there. Put simply this game is a mix between Diablo and Gauntlet Legends. I got tired pretty soon of dodging the camera left and right so I could see thru all the trees around me — the most efficient way to get anywhere is to play from the overhead map, but it’s also pretty boring. Walk, bash ennemies. Walk some more, more ennemies. No real story to start you with, no ambiance, and way too many useless objects lying around when you start (you dont need 3 pitchforks that would have problems slicing warm butter). The best use of this game would be the exact thing I did yesterday – use it as entertainment while being on hold on the phone.. Its annoying to have 4 quick use slots with pre set functions (1 melee 1 ranged 2 spells). Managing multiple party members inventory is cumbersome. The final product looks like a techie projet – excellent engine, nice sounds, lots of great things technically and individually, but in the end, the whole lacks a bit of coherence and even more important, purpose. (Based on the demo version, which is supposed to be a short (10%) version of the retail box)

Conclusion: wouldn’t pay more than 10$.