[REVIEW] Beavis and Butthead: Do U. (PC) I just rolled my eyes when my brother bought this. I mean, its B&B, really how good can it be ? Beavis and Butthead going on a field trip to visit their local institution of higher learning, trying to score. Well actually I finished it. The gameplay makes it a far cousin to Day Of The Tentacle. The interface is really simple: move the mouse around to see interesting spots popup and then click the left mouse boutting to talk to use. Thats it. You also get a brown paper bag to stash some stuff. The graphics are totally on-par with the MTV cartoons, and the voices are really great. Of course, you need to have some appreciation for the characters and a tolerance for potty humour. But some of the puzzle were really nicely designed, and the shoot em up sequence at the end makes for a funyn ending. It _IS_ rather short, and there’s basically no replay value, but it’s always nice to see morons make it to the big league.

Conclusion: good laughs – so if you have a brother willing to spend 10$ on it go ahead!