It’s funny re-reading old entries here.. I’m still enjoying MTG:O……kind of. The game itself is as good as ever and I manage to have fun playing; but the whole Online thing is starting to get to me — I’m loosing faith in the staff and until further notice I’m not pumping any more $$ into it. I have more than enough cards to make casual decks anyway (about 6600) so that’ll get me my fix from time to time. I loved leagues but even that is down now! ridiculous..

I’m still wondering if I want to sell off some cards to make complete sets and redeem them. I nowadays play a lot more ‘paper’ magic at the office than I do online. But I think I’d regret that.. down the road it’s a lot easier to lose paper ppl (moves, switching jobs, loosing interest) so I won’t cash my online chips in just yet.. My local comic shop just started doing FNM too so I might give that a shot..

On the PC side, I’m currently having a blast with the second NeverWinter Nights expansion, Hordes Of The Underdark. I’ve used the same char thru all the official modules (the XP in the 1st expansion was good even if the story could have been a lot more interesting) and now, simply put, I kick ass. Mind you, I’m probably not ‘uber’ by any means – I don’t know the ins and outs of AD&D character creation and I’d bet I’d killed pretty easy by other players on the net – but I’m having a lot of fun killing drows and beholders, and listening to my heanmen’s chatter.. I’m a Fighter(15)/Rogue(5)/Champion Of Torm(5) mix and it’s pretty solid IMHO. I think I’m about half-way thru the module (would be surprise to come anywhere close to the Lvl 40 cap) and hoping it doesn’t end – that’s always a good sign.

On the console side, I bought Bomberman Jetters for the GameCube, at 30$CAN. The single player game looks neat (if a bit simple) and I didn’t own any Bomberman version so the 4-player classic mode mayhem just screamed BUY ME! Oh the hours I spent laying out bombs on the NES and TurboGFX versions..

Might go see The Punisher this weekend, maybe I’ll come back with a review.