The pay-once-then-free-forever MMORPG turns 4.. Haven’t played much lately, but I did go back to play with Toche last week and it was still lots of fun. We had forgotten a lot of stuff and keybindings and I realized my hands did have memory of the game I was doing some stuff automatically, which was a bit creepy.

Since my Ranger was created on launch day four years ago, I opened a present this morning. Didn’t get a rare, but a nice Desert Griffon bringing back memories of my first trips in the desert in Prophecies.

I do have to go back and at least finish the Nightfall and GW:EN storylines, and get the Ranger elite skills I’m still missing..

If you have a GW account by all means stop by before May 31st to get free extra in game storage! The site is swamped and kinda slow, be patient or wait a couple of days…