Another day of farming, but today I decided to try another location. An official forum thread linked a spreadsheet to help people figure out where they should adventure optimally. Of course it’s not perfect, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Turns out it suggested that the Haunted Gallery would be better than the Castle In The Clouds In The Sky for both stats and meat drop. I was a bit skeptical, but why not. This was after all only if I specified that I could sniff out targets with Olfaction (Cubist Bulls).

I spent the day with the same setup as the previous two, same outfit same buffs (+ML went up to 47 since I got to level 16), with UPC Stickers all the time. I did luck out on finding the right Louvre path to get Muscle on the first shot, so stat gains are as optimal as they were going to get.

  • Advs Used: 251
  • Meat Gained (net): 185,668
  • Substats (muscle): 13,917
  • Fullstats (muscle): 31 (now at 243, level 16)

Looks like I traded 40k meat for 3k substats. Almost 15% drop in revenue for a 22% gain in substats… The main thing to look at is over time: most stats today came from 29 visits to the Louvre adventure. At 300 subs a pop, that’s almost 9k of the almost 14k I got. This is the max that it’ll give out… I can’t remember if I had reached the max with the Wheel adventure in the castle.. Let’s see with the wiki.. Max is at 275. Really not that big of a difference..

Let’s see.. If my stat gain stayed the exact same as my last two days for a full lvl 30 run, what would be the difference. 53.3 days with the Gallery vs 66.11 days in the Castle. But it would also mean a difference of over 2.6M meat .. !!

Of course, when I run out of UPC Stickers my +Meat% will drop by 75%, reducing the absolute amount of meat difference between the two scenario. And I don’t plan on only farming until level 30. So I guess for now I’ll stick with the more meat friendly option of the Castle even if it means levelling slower. The basement should really help with stats..