Another pretty standard farming day:

  • Advs used: 243
  • Meat gained (net): 209,794 (includes Mafia getting some more Soft Green Echos..)
  • Substats (muscle): 11,303
  • Muscle (base): 303 (Level 18)

Tomorrow will probably be the first day where I don’t level up.. All is still on track to start diving at the end of the week, so I can benefit from the basement stat gains during the two muscle days..

Farming sure makes for boring entries ! It’s tempting to just convert $ into meat, but the farming profit is nice so I’ll keep at it for a while.. It is eating up stocks of food and booze, which for now I don’t really tally, so when I’m out of the good stuff having to buy more is going to show in the numbers.. oh well.