Fun adventure game, easy-to-medium puzzles (with a hint system if you get stuck). The quirk is that your character is a russian stacking doll, going after the 1930s-style Baron to save his family members. Really, really charming. You can stack into dolls that are slightly bigger than you, and then can use their abilities.

So people will complain that it is short.. If you only hit the main plot points and puzzles it’ll be over before ou can blink an eye for sure – you really need to hunt down all the dolls, alternate puzzle solutions and hijinx possibilities to make it last. I finished this 100% in 3 sittings.

1200 MSP on XBLA (some will find it pricey — anybody paying for PSN+ on their PS3 can get it for free this month I hear). 9/10 for the originality charm and humour. I want more, either DLC or a whole new title (Yeah I’m a Double Fine / Tim Schaffer fan). Make more use of combos.