De Blob 2 cover

This one can be bought really cheap – I snagged it at 15$CAN last month, and it even went on sale on PSN for 10$ recently. I’m two levels in (completed with an S grade) and so far it is a HD version of the first title on the Wii, which is not saying it is a bad thing.

You, again, have to save the city from morosity by painting it over while freeing captive citizens and battling the forces of INKT. This time around there’s more power-ups letting you for example power dash heavy objects or automatically pick the right color to apply to buildings. The trees still need to be reanimated and propaganda posters redone as side objectives in each part of the city.

Really colourful and fun. Jumping with a button press is smoother than making a motion with the Wiimote (I don’t have the Move to experiment with its support) but I don’t remember fiddling that much with the camera in the original, especially to look up searching for collectibles.

I’m still waiting to see if the difficulty ramps up annoyingly quick in the last third like the original, or if the upgrade system helps this somewhat. I also have yet to ask my gf to control the robot to test out the limited coop mode..

Great start, looking forward to playing it again. Looks like a perfect palette cleanser between more hardcore stuff.