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Some BeatMania nuts

Check this guy go:

I do have the BeatMania US release with the controller (was like 20$ at FutureShop) but I must say I really suck at this one. I was at least getting somewhere with Guitar Freaks, and wasn’t half bad at DDR..

I love dual videos with the screen and the hands at the same time:

Why not use both controllers?

Shamelessly stolen from commenters on Kotaku.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Looks quite nice, if you ask me.. Reminds me a tiny bit of Shenmue, somehow.. Hope there’s something like the first games’ freaky radio.

And another, more hi-res video on IGN.

Guild Wars 2 trailer

There’s been a recent flurry of activity on the Guild Wars 2 web page and Facebook page, including a brand new trailer.. Don’t get too excited yet, even the trailer is made mainly of concept art..

But I’m still looking forward to getting more !

Crazy Japan..

Looks like WiiWare is opening doors to crazy ideas, at least in Japan 🙂

New Toy

Just felt like testing a really wide pic in here, taken with our new toy at home.. We got ourselves a Fujifilm Finepix S1500 yayyy!

KoL Journal: Not Quite 20

I’m 72 substats away from level 20 ! I’ve switched my setup to focus on stats:

  • Hat: Spooky Putty Mitre (+3 substats per fight)
  • Weapon: Serpentine Sword (+10 Monster Level)
  • Offhand: Snake Shield (+10 Monster Level while used w/ the sword)
  • Shirt: Hippo Skin Poncho (+10 Monster Level)
  • Pants: Buoybuttoms (+7 Monster Level)
  • Accessory: Ring of Conflict (combat rate -5%, get more Louvre)
  • Accessory: C.A.R.N.I.V.O.R.E Button (+15 Monster Level)
  • Accessory: V for Vivala Mask (+1-3 substats per fight, 4 on critical kills)
  • Familiar: Frumious Bandersnatch (38 lbs, act as Volleyball)
  • Familiar item: crimsillion jub-jub bird (+5 lbs, focus stat gain to Muscle)
  • Ur-Kel’s Aria of Annoyance: +38 Monster Level
  • Radio: +10 Monster Level
  • Manor Band: +5 Monster Level

So in all I’m fighting at +105 Monster Level with stat gain items in the other slots. I nearly managed to get over level 19 today:

  • Advs used: 344 (Woohoo Feast of Boris!!)
  • Meat gained (net): 51,907 (better than nothing)
  • Substats (muscle): 23,091
  • Muscle (base): 364 (Level 19, one away from 20)

Tomorrow… We dive !

Guild Wars Journal: A New Look !!

After over 400 hours of wearing the Ranger Druid Armor (can’t remember washing it.. but I’ve been in many lakes) I finally bought something else: the Luxon Armor!

I’m still hunting with the old one until I customize the shiny new one.. Eventually I’ll go for the Elite version, but for now any change is a good change!

Kol Journal: Level 19

Another banking day yesterday, nice day today.

  • Advs used: 337
  • Meat gain (net): 283,296
  • Substats (muscle): 13,020
  • Muscle (base): 331 (Level 19)

I have 23k substats to get if I want to be level 20 before the weekend.. That would be around 600 turns using today’s average gain — looks like I’ll be ignoring meat gain in favor of stats for the next 2 days. I’m out of UPC Stickers anyway and I reached a level of meat I like (not enough for a Mr. A, but still..) so it’s all good.

I’ll also be getting to 100k turns played.. I don’t know if I should really mention that part? 😉

Large Monsters Fighting with… Debbie Gibson?

Yup, seems to be real, even if its directly to DVD.. Wow.

Kol Journal: Level 18

Another pretty standard farming day:

  • Advs used: 243
  • Meat gained (net): 209,794 (includes Mafia getting some more Soft Green Echos..)
  • Substats (muscle): 11,303
  • Muscle (base): 303 (Level 18)

Tomorrow will probably be the first day where I don’t level up.. All is still on track to start diving at the end of the week, so I can benefit from the basement stat gains during the two muscle days..

Farming sure makes for boring entries ! It’s tempting to just convert $ into meat, but the farming profit is nice so I’ll keep at it for a while.. It is eating up stocks of food and booze, which for now I don’t really tally, so when I’m out of the good stuff having to buy more is going to show in the numbers.. oh well.

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