pigHello, my nick is Txster, and I can’t say no to a gaming deal 🙂

Seriously! I almost never pay full Day 1 prices for games (only recent exception: Rocksmith 2014 bought Day 1, and Guild Wars 2 which stayed at Day 1 prices for over a year) but that doesn’t mean I spend less. I just get (a whole lot) more for the buck… On consoles I’m years behind the releases so I save a lot, on PS3 the Playstation Plus subscription pays for itself in freebies and rebates, on PC there’s indie bundles and infamous Steam sales… Most of my disposable income goes to gaming, in video or more recently tabletop form.

I do get the most out of them, I tend to want to finish a title when possible and I’m a self-proclaimed trophy whore, but my backlog literally contains hundreds of titles. For any sane person this should be an incentive to slow down the buying — but I just can’t say no to a good deal.

Now the year’s getting in getting near, there’s a new generation of consoles available, there’s the hints of the Steambox maybe coming out in the next year…. and I just bought both a WiiU and a 2DS 🙂 I’m spending a bit of time wondering about my gaming budget and how I should go ahead in the next year. A kind of personnal State of Gaming post.

PS3: I have over 100 games on the HDD (I do delete them after they’re finished) and a whole shelf of untouched items.. On the good side, I expect a lowering return on the PS+ investment since they added Vita and PS4 into the mix, and disc releases will trickle down quickly. Still some stuff to hunt down and get, but should be getting easier on the wallet in 2014 compared to 2012-2013.

X360: A handful of downloads on the HDD, a smaller shelf list than the PS3. Has been basically dead for me recently, I also let go of my Gold subscription. Related: working on getting Achievements on some titles on the PC before GFWL (Games for Windows Live) goes away next summer (I did mention the trophy whore aspect, right?). Outlook for 2014: 0$. I usually get the PS3 version of stuff and I’m not into Halo.

Nintendo: I’ll bundle them together since they’re really doing their own thing.. On Black Friday I upgraded my first generation Wii (I say first gen because I did get it right at launch because of a friend with a GF in the local games industry that had access to buy one via internal employee programs :)) for a WiiU. More expensive at face value than I would have liked, but it did come with a 50$ gift card from BB, and I am selling the Wii to my mother, so that helps. Also got the same day a 2DS because… well because I wanted one, it was cheap and that’s it 🙂 Still have a medium to small quantity of Wii and DS titles to finish on the shelf. Outlook on the budget: HEAVY. Not so much on the 2DS, but since 3rd parties are running away from the WiiU and Nintendo titles almost never go down in price… ouch. Good to have a buddy with one too to maybe borrow some of them.

PC: Worst platform for me in terms of titles I bought and haven’t even touched yet. Damn you Steam Sales! A good chunk is also indie bundles.. I have no problem forking over 5$ to get one or two games I’m really curious about which a whole bunch more included to try out and be surprised with. I’m spending less and less each year in this one simple because of the fact that I already bought most of what I wanted! I still mark stuff for my wishlist, but I’m a perfect example of being Steam-Spoiled: “Huh? only 50% off? I’ll wait for 80% on Xmas…”

So… what to do about all of this?

Trying to sell stuff I don’t use anymore: I have never thrown any gaming stuff.. Even back to the NES and the Atari 2600 they were given away to someone who could give them another life. Right now I have 2 Gameboy color games, a whole bunch of Gameboy Advance games, a couple of oddities here and a there, my whole PS1 and Dreamcast kits… I really need to sort it all and get SELLING. Not looking for a huge profit, just good homes for them, more free space in my room, and a little something to build a gaming budget 🙂 Oldies need to go.

Gaming budget vs backlog: I have come to the conclusion that I must tie the two together… There’s really no use getting more stuff than I can finish! Most will call it ‘collecting’ (with significant others adding ‘dust’ to that) but really…. it is more of an addiction. I used to justify it by telling myself that it’d make for a seemingly infinite pile of toys for my daughter…. but life has a tendency to laugh at your plans and go another way — with only one ‘good’ hand, it is rather unlikely that she will develop a passion for videogames.. and anyway, I’ll keep on getting new stuff so it’ll be enough anyway.

I have some ideas about how I’ll go on linking budget and backlog into the new year… it is still a work in progress, and it’ll be the part 2 to his article, sometime soon…