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KoL Journal: Not Quite 20

I’m 72 substats away from level 20 ! I’ve switched my setup to focus on stats:

  • Hat: Spooky Putty Mitre (+3 substats per fight)
  • Weapon: Serpentine Sword (+10 Monster Level)
  • Offhand: Snake Shield (+10 Monster Level while used w/ the sword)
  • Shirt: Hippo Skin Poncho (+10 Monster Level)
  • Pants: Buoybuttoms (+7 Monster Level)
  • Accessory: Ring of Conflict (combat rate -5%, get more Louvre)
  • Accessory: C.A.R.N.I.V.O.R.E Button (+15 Monster Level)
  • Accessory: V for Vivala Mask (+1-3 substats per fight, 4 on critical kills)
  • Familiar: Frumious Bandersnatch (38 lbs, act as Volleyball)
  • Familiar item: crimsillion jub-jub bird (+5 lbs, focus stat gain to Muscle)
  • Ur-Kel’s Aria of Annoyance: +38 Monster Level
  • Radio: +10 Monster Level
  • Manor Band: +5 Monster Level

So in all I’m fighting at +105 Monster Level with stat gain items in the other slots. I nearly managed to get over level 19 today:

  • Advs used: 344 (Woohoo Feast of Boris!!)
  • Meat gained (net): 51,907 (better than nothing)
  • Substats (muscle): 23,091
  • Muscle (base): 364 (Level 19, one away from 20)

Tomorrow… We dive !

Kol Journal: Level 19

Another banking day yesterday, nice day today.

  • Advs used: 337
  • Meat gain (net): 283,296
  • Substats (muscle): 13,020
  • Muscle (base): 331 (Level 19)

I have 23k substats to get if I want to be level 20 before the weekend.. That would be around 600 turns using today’s average gain — looks like I’ll be ignoring meat gain in favor of stats for the next 2 days. I’m out of UPC Stickers anyway and I reached a level of meat I like (not enough for a Mr. A, but still..) so it’s all good.

I’ll also be getting to 100k turns played.. I don’t know if I should really mention that part? 😉

Kol Journal: Level 18

Another pretty standard farming day:

  • Advs used: 243
  • Meat gained (net): 209,794 (includes Mafia getting some more Soft Green Echos..)
  • Substats (muscle): 11,303
  • Muscle (base): 303 (Level 18)

Tomorrow will probably be the first day where I don’t level up.. All is still on track to start diving at the end of the week, so I can benefit from the basement stat gains during the two muscle days..

Farming sure makes for boring entries ! It’s tempting to just convert $ into meat, but the farming profit is nice so I’ll keep at it for a while.. It is eating up stocks of food and booze, which for now I don’t really tally, so when I’m out of the good stuff having to buy more is going to show in the numbers.. oh well.

KoL Journal: Level 17

More farming.. Yesterday we were going out pretty much all day so I just had time to get 60k in meat and bank the rest for today, which has nice numbers:

  • Advs used: 352
  • Meat gain (net): 317,022
  • Substats (muscle): 15,413
  • Base Muscle: 284 (Level 17)

But it is getting a bit boring.. Tomorrow I’ll make Level 18. On Thursday there’s the Feast Of Boris. Next weekend we get two Muscle days. I’m thinking I’ll farm until I’m Level 20, then start on the basement dive.

KoL: Farming Comparison

Another day of farming, but today I decided to try another location. An official forum thread linked a spreadsheet to help people figure out where they should adventure optimally. Of course it’s not perfect, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Turns out it suggested that the Haunted Gallery would be better than the Castle In The Clouds In The Sky for both stats and meat drop. I was a bit skeptical, but why not. This was after all only if I specified that I could sniff out targets with Olfaction (Cubist Bulls).

I spent the day with the same setup as the previous two, same outfit same buffs (+ML went up to 47 since I got to level 16), with UPC Stickers all the time. I did luck out on finding the right Louvre path to get Muscle on the first shot, so stat gains are as optimal as they were going to get.

  • Advs Used: 251
  • Meat Gained (net): 185,668
  • Substats (muscle): 13,917
  • Fullstats (muscle): 31 (now at 243, level 16)

Looks like I traded 40k meat for 3k substats. Almost 15% drop in revenue for a 22% gain in substats… The main thing to look at is over time: most stats today came from 29 visits to the Louvre adventure. At 300 subs a pop, that’s almost 9k of the almost 14k I got. This is the max that it’ll give out… I can’t remember if I had reached the max with the Wheel adventure in the castle.. Let’s see with the wiki.. Max is at 275. Really not that big of a difference..

Let’s see.. If my stat gain stayed the exact same as my last two days for a full lvl 30 run, what would be the difference. 53.3 days with the Gallery vs 66.11 days in the Castle. But it would also mean a difference of over 2.6M meat .. !!

Of course, when I run out of UPC Stickers my +Meat% will drop by 75%, reducing the absolute amount of meat difference between the two scenario. And I don’t plan on only farming until level 30. So I guess for now I’ll stick with the more meat friendly option of the Castle even if it means levelling slower. The basement should really help with stats..

KoL Journal: Aftercore

I decided, after my 31st saving of the King, to hang out a bit in the Kingdom instead of ascending yet again. I set myself some goals:

  • Get the Level 30 Trophy as a Seal Clubber
  • Farm meat
  • Open the clan dungeon
  • Do a 3rd basement dive

My last 18 runs were going for speed (my softcore record is now at 5 days / 884 turns) which ate a bit of my funds to stock up on food booze and quest items.. Most of them were as a turtle tamer so I had already pretty much all the skills, meaning I didn’t have to spend meat on getting them again.. Most of the time I finished runs with over 40k on hand, which helped offset the restocking fees.

I was also working on the Professional Tour Guide Trophy.. That will have to wait a bit, I have 6-7 runs left for that one.. Out of 30, not too bad. It does simplify decisions during a run, since you just stick to one familiar.

The last 2 times I went up to level 30, it took me around 22,000 turns. So I’m here for a while. Level 30 is at 845 base main stat, or 714,025 substats. I made Level 15 today, and I’m sitting at 212 Muscle. For comparison, to ascend you need to get to Level 13, which requires 148 main stat.

I’m not really powerleveling – doing so would cost meat, and I want to farm meat. So I’ll be patient. No 2,000 clovers uses for me. Right now my farming setup isn’t too bad:

  • Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Sword: +75% (over 125 UPC Stickers in stock)
  • Cup of Infitine Pencils: +15%
  • Duct Tape Shirt: +20%
  • Spooky Putty Leotard: +15%
  • Natty Blue Ascot: +20%
  • Baron von Ratsworth’s money clip: +15%
  • pulled porquoise pendant: +15%
  • Hobo Monkey (40lbs): +198.88%
  • Polka of Plenty: +50%
  • Gnefarious Pickpocketing: +10%

For a grand total bonus of +433.88% to Meat Drop. Neat. I’d need two more run to get the other passive skills to boost it even more, but I’m ok with those numbers. The only equipment slot that doesn’t help is the hat, so I’m using one that boost Monster Level to give me more stats after fights.

It will still take a looooooot of farming. Getting the basement dug under the clan hall is a 10,000,000 meat operation. After that you need 1M per dungeon run. The run fee should be in most part financed by reselling some of the drops. I already have some boss drops from my previous clan, so doubles can always get smashes or something.

The last item on the list involves both the trophy and the budget — getting a 3rd piece for my Telescope involves a lot of work, and meat. My first two dives probably cost me 800k and 300k. The difference is easily the Exotic Parrot at 500k, which helps tons for the elemental tests. A good thing about Basementing is that it’ll give me a lot of stat gains, bringing me closer/faster to level 30. I guess I should revised my previous statement about powerlevelling (kinda) and my Level 30 budget…

Today’s stats:

  • Advs Used: 255
  • Meat Gained (net): 217,794
  • Substats (muscle): 10,892
  • Fullstats (muscle): 28

The profit from the last few days will at least already cover the basement dive… woot! I should also have a look at my inventory and dump some crap in my store.. That should help..

Kingdom Of Loathing: Experimental IotM

May is here! There’s a lot more green everywhere, let’s all rejoice.

A new month also means a new IotM (Item of the Month) in Kingdom of Loathing. The annoucement was:

May’s Wacky-Experiment-of-the-Month is now available in Mr. Store. Details about how the stuff works can be found in this forum thread.

Intriguing. I log in to discover not 1, but actually 2 items in Mr Store. The first one is a “VIP Lounge Key”. Seems that nobody knew it, but all clan halls already had such a Lounge, and now this gives you access. Funny. In there you find a spa, which gives 5 free full heals per day that also removes all negative status effect. Neat. There’s also an upgraded/deluxe Mr Klaw machine (think UFO Catcher) which drops new collectibles and so far at least 1 new familiar has been available from it. My collector sense is tingling.

The Key is tied to a _player_, not a clan, so you always keep your Lounge access even if you clan hop around. This is good. It also planned that the Key will be made available again in the future, of course. Otherwise building up more stuff around the Lounge wouldn’t be possible.

The real puzzler is the second IotM. It’s a Pool Table add-on for the Lounge. You can “play pool” against clannies, it keeps tracks of the scores, but the real gain is to get 3 rather nice buffs per day to anyone with access. The official forums are already full with people salivating over this, as it IS usable in Hardcore. On of the buffs gives you 300 free MP each day, which can indeed be a huge boost in Hardcore… My not-so-often-used alts are focussing on HC/BM, so this could be nice indeed. But there’s a catch.

The Pool Table can be bought from Mr Store for 3 Mr Accessories!! This means donating 30$US or paying in-game roughly 13.5M meat. Also add that to access it you also need the Key, so that’s a 40$US or 18M meat investment.. I’d call that non trivial.

Of course the Table is tied to a _clan_. So if you leave and become clanless or join a clan without it, no access even if you had helped pay for the table. Humpf. Of course there’s the possibility of setting up WhiteLists to make clan hopping easier, but then there’s the whole Karma issues I won’t get into. Switching clans often is possible, just not very practical for most people.

And then there’s the cost… Wow. In theory in a big enough clan of course it’s not hard to pool (ah-ha) many players to get the darn thing. But a lot of players just setup a small clan for their RL friends or even just their own accounts.. Last year when Hobopolis opened it was rather clear that TPTB (The Power That Be, the KoL admins) didn’t really like the idea of huuuuuuuge clans. I was in KoL Addicts at the time, it was an interesting time to say the least..

But now a 3 Mr. A clan item ? I’m quite a bit puzzled.

The forum post by Jick also mention the intention of having more Lounge furniture available in the future, via IotM’s or even as Hobopolis drops.. Which is another question mark for small clans..

We’ll see how it plays out.

Kingdom Of Loathing

This is without a doubt the game that I spend the most time on nowadays.. Can be played during breaks, late a night, whenever… It’s addictive. Recently they added a sig generator that gets updated about once an hour… it’s kinda cute 🙂

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