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Done: Dead Rising 2 (PS3)

Dead Rising 2 guitar attack

I try to stay spoiler free, but since this is now a Great Hits title it is old and well known enough that some might slip..

I’ve been obsessed with this for the last three weeks. I’m only missing 6 trophies out of 50, and it’s been responsible for a few ‘Oh shit it’s 2am already ??’. A buddy of mine is responsible, telling me simply that I _needed_ this. I suspect he mostly wanted a Coop partner for the platinum, but he was right !

I have not played the original DR on Xbox.. Reading about it and learning about the time limits was a major turnoff. Demos were not as available back then, and there was the whole HD/SD TV font fiasco, so I let it slide. I did buy Case Zero on XBLA, and that was tons of fun. I think it also helped that I thought Frank West looked annoying, and Chuck Greene looked more apt at surviving a zombie infestation.

Long story short: Chuck Green’s wife has been killed in the Vegas outbreak, and his daughter Katey has been bitten and now needs a shot of Zombrex each 24h to prevent her from turning into a Zombie. Chuck is a participant in a zombie-killing TV show in Fortune City (which is basically a Vegas wannabe city) to finance the Zombrex. Someone lets the zombies out of their pens, bringing an outbreak to the city, and the whole thing is pinned on Chuck. He now has about 72 hours to find out who did it to clear his name, while keeping his daughter safe and when possible rescue survivors he can find.

The 72 hours is really a schedule, not a hard limit; if/when you die (or fail the critical missions or Katey’s doses) you can start the storyline from the beginning but¬†you get to keep your level, combo cards, special moves and vehicule keys. Technically you failed, but you probably still made progress that will help you next time around. I think I might have restarted from the beginning maybe 8 or 9 times total. Not bad. Planning ahead helps, it is better to decide on a grinding or a story related run instead of kinda doing both badly..

The items, weapons, outfits and the combo weapons are really fun.. that made all the ‘use all melee/ranged/explosive/firearm wepons on zombies’ trophies enjoyable. Finding hidden stuff in the city was fun. The Psychos are really messed up, and will totally destroy you during your first attempts while you’re low level — making it even more satisfying when you finally kick their asses later. I did get the DLC suits, which made the game easier, but for 4$ I consider it a rather good buy.

I was so into it that I took the info from a wiki site to make a visual aid to plan on survivor rescues: it’s on Google Docs.

I’m giving it a solid 9/10.

What’s left for me to do: redo all cases in Coop mode, kill 72,000 zombies in one run, and get better at the ‘online’ mode, which is a series of minigames in the TV show refereced at the beginning of the game.. It gives you cash to use in the rest of the game, but I don’t need it anymore. Yup, I’m a trophy addict.

Right now I’m reading that ‘Dead Rising 2: Off the Record’ is an alternate version of the story of DR2 using Frank West instead of Chuck Greene, with some added areas and stuff changed around, but.. meh. Too similar imho. They should have worked on a whole new title instead of a v2.5.

Noby Noby Boy

This game is… disturbing.. They published a multiplayer update, and now you can also record your gameplay and send it to youtube…! This is me “playing” (still not sure the term is right) with Maze..

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